The Campus Ministry program at St. Lawrence Catholic School endeavors to foster this spirit in its students, faculty and families. In collaboration with the parish and outside organizations, the Campus Ministry Program, provides opportunities for all members of the school community to live out the virtue of charity and minister to those in need in accordance with Catholic social teaching and the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.   

The Campus Ministry Program consists of passionate, service-oriented, and faith-filled students, who apply and are accepted at the discretion of the Campus Minister. To serve as a Campus Minister, students must be pious, well-behaved, diligent, organized, and willing to share their unique talents in service to God’s kingdom. If a student’s moral character/behavioral record does not reflect the values and expectations consistent with Catholic teaching, students will be placed on probation or dismissed at the discretion of the Campus Minister. 

Campus Minister

Dr. Karen Micko |