St. Lawrence Catholic School is celebrating 60 YEARS of excellence in Catholic education. We can only continue to do this because of your generous support… the support of our parents, parishioners, alumni, friends, and our community.

Our founding Pastor, Msgr. Laurence E. Higgins, established our school because of a deep belief in the Catholic faith, the need for Catholic education in our community, and the desire to share his love for Christ. He knew the benefits of a Catholic education being a unique, learning experience because it nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. All three are necessary for a happy, healthy, and balanced life.

Our school provides students the invaluable opportunity to expand their knowledge, explore their passions, create community, strengthen their sense of self, and come to know God all in one place. Msgr. Higgins knew that with the help of the good people of St. Lawrence and our community, he could fulfill that dream.

St. Lawrence Catholic School is a Roman Catholic, parish run, private school with grades from EC3-8th grade. All fundraising efforts benefit campus renovations and aid the student Tuition Assistance Program. Your support is vital! Please help make a family’s dream come true and give the gift of Catholic education to a deserving child. You will be part of creating a strong foundation for all our children. It’s with the support of the greater community that we are still here today, developing the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and creative qualities of faith-filled citizens.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity and support of our mission of creating a community that is dedicated to the creation of a Christ-centered environment which allows students to learn to serve God and others, to develop their unique talents and skills, to strive for academic excellence, and to become life-long learners.