The purpose of the Parents Club is to strengthen the partnership between the home and school by participation in the life and activities of the school and provide financial assistance through fund raising efforts. All parents, guardians, faculty, administration, and staff members are an integral part of this group. Parent membership is mandatory.

Parents are the primary and principal educators of their children. As parents at St. Lawrence Catholic School, thereby members of the Parents Club, we pledge to contribute our time, talent, and treasure. Active participation offers families the unique opportunity for fellowship in a Catholic environment.

Parents Club 2021-22 Board

Gary Lopez

Parents Club President

Amanda Lopez

Parents Club Vice President

Christine Clarke

Parents Club Treasurer

Barbara Rivera

Parents Club Secretary

Share Program

​Parent’s Club Share Program… how does it work?

Raising funds and giving of our time is an integral part of the continual improvement of our school, your child’s education and the school community. In the interest of sharing this responsibility, we have the Share Program. Each family can select the option that best meets their needs to reach their family’s minimum service commitment to our school. Please note that tuition rates assume participation in the Parents Club Share Program. Your service commitment to the school is composed of two components: a financial component and a volunteer component. 

Option A

  • Financial commitment: $400
  •  to meet this contribution by the end of the school year. 

There is no up-front financial contribution required.
Contribution is $200 for single parent families.

  • Volunteer commitment​​: 20 Service Points.
  • 10 service points required for single parent families.

Volunteer at events throughout the school year. 

Families earning more than 20 service points may carry over 5 points to the next school year. All are welcome!! Volunteer points may be earned by any extended family members who have taken the Safe Environment training.  

Option B

  • Financial commitment: $800* 

Payment due up front by September 30th. 
Contribution is $300 for single parent families. 
*please note that contributions to fundraising events (e.g., raffle, fun run, gala, etc.) do NOT count toward the $800 Option B financial commitment.

  • Volunteer commitment: Volunteering is optional.

Option A allows families to raise their $400 with little or no out-of-pocket expense. There will be fundraising opportunities available throughout the year, such as: Raffle sales, SCRIP, Fun Run, Gala, Golf Tournament, etc. Families that select Option A are required to earn their service points and meet their financial commitment by the end of the school year. 

Those families that have not fulfilled their minimum financial and/or volunteer obligation will be invoiced the remaining balance at the end of the school year. Families who do not meet the minimum Volunteer Commitment will be billed at the rate of $50 per point. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis. A written request and reason for deferment must be submitted to the Principal for consideration. Guidelines have been adopted to equitably account for the volunteer points, donations and financial assistance provided by Parents Club members. A minimum of five (5) points is to be given as actual service. The board reserves the right to assign points for various activities and donations. Generally, you receive .5 points per hour; one (1) point for every two (2) hours. 

Please note that all requests must be approved before donations are purchased and/or given to the school. Not all donations can be accepted for financial or service credit. 

*For every $50.00 (auction/donation item) you will receive 1 point. No more than 10 total points per event. Proof of value must accompany all donation. The Parents Club will determine the value of any items turned in without a value attached. All sports memorabilia will be checked through an online sports memorabilia website ( 

Points and Financial Credit are only transferrable before the close of an event (no points or financial commitments will be transferred after the close of an event). Please sign in as the family for whom you are working on behalf of to ensure points are awarded properly. 

How to sign in for points:
Lunchroom: Volunteer sign-in book is in the cafeteria 
Event volunteer: Come to Parents Club meetings to find out what’s happening! Additionally, there are volunteer sign-in sheets at every event to record your participation.