Cameron McCloskey - Catholic Youth Sports League

St. Lawrence is a member of the Hillsborough Catholic Youth Sports League (HCYSL) and competes with other Catholic schools in Hillsborough County. Our school is consistently successful with all of the sports programs and have won several championships. 

Our athletic program offers a variety of Varsity and Junior Varsity programs:           

Girls Varsity Volleyball (6-8)Coed Varsity Soccer (6-8)       
Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball (5-6)  Girls and Boys Varsity Flag Football (7-8)
Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball (6-8)Girls and Boys Junior Varsity Basketball (6-8)
Girls and Boys Track and Field Varsity (7-8) Girls and Boys Junior Varsity Track and Field (5-6)
For further information, please contact one of our Athletic Directors/Coaches: