Campus Minister & Assistant to the Principal

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction & Assistant to the Principal


Front Desk Reception

School Interventionist


Communications Director

Elementary Teachers & Assistants


EC-3 Teacher Asst


KA Teacher

KA Teacher Asst.

KB Teacher

KB Teacher Asst.

1A Teacher

1A Teacher Asst.

1B Teacher

1B Teacher Asst.

2A Teacher

2A Teacher Asst.

2B Teacher

2B Teacher Asst.

3A Teacher

3B Teacher

3B Teacher Asst.

4A Teacher

4B Teacher

5A Teacher

5B Teacher

5th Grade Teacher Assistant

Middle School Teachers

6A & Religion Teacher

6B & Social Studies Teacher

6C & 6th and 7th Grade Science

6th Grade ELA/Reading

7A & Math Teacher

7B & 5th-8th Grade Reading Interventionist

7C & 7th Grade ELA and Religion

8B & Science Teacher

8C & Math Teacher

8th Grade ELA and Reading

Middle School Social Studies

Middle School Math Resource Teacher

Special Teachers

Spanish Teacher

Spanish Teacher

PE Teacher

PE Teacher

Art Teacher

Music Teacher

Media Specialist

Reading Specialist

STREAM Teacher

Advanced Learning Program Teacher

Technology Teacher

Student Support Service Specialist

ESE Specialist

Teacher Assistant/After Care